Important safety notice about elevators that have been used in many residences in Rivers Edge.
Many property owners with elevators in their residences have already heard about and seen the attached safety notice about Waupaca elevators used in approximately 50 residences in Rivers Edge (actual number still being sought). However, not everyone affected may have seen the safety notice, so we are sending it out as a community safety notice.
If you have an elevator in your residence, or in property you own and are renting out, please read the attached safety notification if you have not seen it before. If you own a residence that you are renting out, please notify your tenants.
For everyone, the elevators/lifts in River Hall and at the Beach House are NOT the same manufacturer or same product.
While formally not a POA matter, your association will do as we do in other safety threatening situations by assisting in communications, meeting support in River Hall, and so forth as the individual property owners seek more information about the safety issues, possible remedies, and other actions that may be appropriate. Some affected owners have already taken several steps to find out more information.