On Thursday evenings at 5:00 the boys of Rivers Edge get together for some friendly games of horseshoes. Most of the boys haven’t thrown a horseshoe in decades, but still come out for some fun, a few drinks, and lots of laughs. What started about three years ago as a small group of about eight players has grown to over twenty. In addition to horseshoes and a few drinks, music is provided by our own DJ, Dave Arnold. The best part of the music is that it is from our era (50’s and 60’s). We even remember some of the lyrics and artists. Because some of us are on the “Disabled List” periodically we usually average about 10 players each Thursday evening. Being only four players can play at a time a fair amount of alcohol is consumed by those in the gallery. For those not playing there is plenty of time to solve the world, Rivers Edge and golf course problems. In fact, some guys who are on the DL come out just to enjoy the lively discussions.
We are at the horseshoe pit behind River Hall on Thursdays at 5:00. Feel free to join and remember BYOB!!