The Rivers Edge Ladies Golf Association (RELGA) held its annual luncheon meeting on December 14, 2018 at Angelo’s Pizzeria and Bistro in Shallotte. The highlight of the luncheon was the presentation of a newly developed “President’s Award”. This award is presented to a representative of the 9-Hole Group and a representative of the 18-Hole Group.

The winners of this award; “exemplify the goal of promoting good fellowship and sportsmanship, show enthusiasm for the game of golf, encourage others to play and improve their game and demonstrate leadership and coaching excellence.” 2018 President’s Award winners were Sandy Keck, 18 Hole Winner and Georgia Folkins, 9 Hole Winner. A plaque recognizing the winners will be hung in the Rivers Edge Golf Club.

In addition, RELGA added two new members to the Board of Directors for 2019. Jane Lea will represent the 18-Hole Group while Georgia Folkins will represent the 9-Hole Group.