REGC held its annual Member/Member Golf Tournament on May 18 and 19. Thirty four men (17 teams) and twelve ladies (6 teams) participated in the tournament. The second day of the tournament was canceled due to inclement weather. Winners in the men’s division were Harold Strunk and Kevin Wenthen with a net score of 62. In second was the team of Ron Johnson and Nick Micale with a score of 64. Finishing in third were Mike Wiggins and Barry Hooks with a net 65. In the ladies’ division the team of BJ Hale and Roe De Rose finished in first with a net score of 66. In second were Shirley Arnold and  Colleen Wenthen with a score of 67 and finishing in third place were Sandy Campbell and Jane Lea with a net of 68. 

Men – Kevin Wenthen and Harold Strunk
Ladies – Roe De Rose and BJ Hale

Final Standings