As a Community Service Project, the Rivers Edge Veterans Association (REVA) is participating in North Carolina’s Adopt-A-Highway program. REVA has adopted the section of Copas Road from Village Road to Mill Pond Road; approximately 1.7 miles. On Tuesday, November 29, twenty (20) REVA members equipped with gloves, trash bags, trash picker-uppers, and safety vests were divided into five (5) teams and participated in our first attempt to collect trash along Copas Road. We were actually very successful. Approximately fifteen (15) bags of trash were collected. This will be a quarterly project for REVA. Our next clean-up will be in late February. So before you toss a cigarette butt, beer can, or Styrofoam cup out your window along Copas Road, remember that your neighbors will be picking it up. 

As always, REVA thanks you for your support!