There were 513 possible votes to be cast on the proposal to amend the Master Declaration and Articles of Incorporation to change the voting rights and assessment obligations of the Golf Course. 334 ballots were returned. That is an unheard of level of participation for our Association, or for any other association in our Management Company’s experience.  The measure passed 228 yes votes to 102 no votes. 4 votes were non-responsive – the ballot was signed but neither Yes nor No were selected.

Ron Johnson, Gene Vasile and Bob Moore, representing the Association, met with Ms. Martha Sue Ludman of the Management Company this afternoon at 2:00 for the formal vote tally and verification. The detailed results are reported below.

Golf Course Amendment Quorum and Vote Tally Tables
Quorum Tally
Total Votes Roster Present by Ballot Submitted Quorum Requirement % Quorum Requirement #
513 334 25% 129
Vote on Amendment Tally
Total Votes Received Responsive Ballots (included in tally) non-Responsive Ballots* Total Votes Not Approving (No) Total Votes Approving (Yes) Threshold for Approval (simple majority)
334 330 4 102 228 103
% Voting Yes 69.09%
*Signed ballots with neither Yes nor No selected (not counted in Vote Tally)

Once again, thank you all for your involvement, and patience, in the process.

Ron Johnson

President, REPOA Board of Directors