On Wednesday, October 31 Rivers Edge Golf Club conducted its annual River Cup Championship. Sixty eight members, residents and property owners (51 men and 17 ladies) participated in the competition. Participants were divided into two teams (Red and White). The format for the competition was nine holes each of Two-person Captain and Mate, Two-person Modified Alternate Shot and Singles Head-to-Head match play. The 2018 winner was the White Team by a score of 31.5 to 30.5. Team captains were Harold Strunk and Shirley Arnold. Team members were; Sandy Keck, Kathleen Pasquale, Judy Vasile, Alice Bell, Sally Johnson, Lisa Komarnycky, Colleen Wenthen, Sebastian Beecroft, Bruce Miller, John Duncan, Kevin Wenthen, Mike Bell, Craig Lea, Rob Pick, Jack Barrett, Richard Raad, John O’Donnell, Gunnar Fromen, Joe Pomykala, Jerry Arnold, Ron Johnson, Gene Vasile, Jim Carmody, John Russell, Bart Pasquale, Rich Gannaway, Bruce Goins, Dave Arnold, Ralph Di Fiore, Tom Faust, Pete Komarnycky, Tom Davidson and Peter Biddle.

2018 River Cup Winning Team